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Have you been thinking about volunteering at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC), but aren’t really sure if it’s, well, for you? Do you think it’s too time consuming to volunteer here? Or that we don’t need you? Or that you don’t have the skills we’re seeking? 

The thing is, there are all kinds of ways to contribute to CCSC. Small ways and big ways. Once a year, once a month, and once a week ways. Behind-the-scenes ways and face-to-face ways. In my role as Program & Volunteer Coordinator, I get to meet with every potential volunteer interested in donating their time. We start with a tour of our Chalmers Downtown space together and I provide an orientation specific to our history, mission and values. Then we meet one-to-one, where we go over our volunteer handbook and we engage in a not very long interview process. After completing a reference check, we finish our volunteer screening process with a confidentiality agreement and the viewing of an important video about harassment in the workplace. An application for a police record check is initiated, as well.

Once the new volunteer and I mutually agree that they are ready and willing to engage in work here at CCSC, then the fun begins! New volunteers are mentored by more experienced volunteers in the pantry, clothing room and the café, at either or both of our locations. Volunteers are mentored on how we do the grocery shopping, behind-the-scenes, if that is of interest. And if volunteers have specific skills that they wish to share, we offer the possibility of meeting with our expert volunteers who are working on one of our many committees.

In the end, it’s up to the new volunteer, in conversation with me, the ole Program and Volunteer Coordinator, how they’d like to contribute. One of our volunteers picks up donations once in a while by car. Perfect! Another long-time volunteer is at Chalmers Downtown twice a week in our café and once a week at our pantry. Also? Perfect!  One of our volunteers is responsible for managing our social media pages and attends Communications Committee meetings once a month. Guess what? Also perfect! Another one of our volunteers is a professional bookkeeping coach and she uses her professional skills on our Board of Directors in her role as treasurer. And yep. You know it. That’s perfect too.
If you’re seeking a meaningful opportunity to connect with community, consider volunteering with Chalmers Community Services Centre. It’s a pretty neat place full of extremely dedicated volunteers doing an amazing amount of work together. Contact Sarah Dermer at volunteer@chalmerscentre.ca with your questions about volunteering.

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