Volunteer Spotlight – Matt McQuade

This email newsletter is a terrific thing, isn’t it? We get to communicate with you once a month and you get a good sense of what’s happening here at Chalmers Community Services Centre.

Well, the email newsletter is written, designed, developed and consistently sent out to all of you on a monthly basis by one of our dedicated board members, Matt McQuade. Matt has been on our board for several years and has been super patient with us as an organization, as he drags Chalmers out of 1997 and into 2020. As an integral member of our Communications Committee (which, ahem, didn’t exist before Matt’s involvement), he has helped us up our social media game on Facebook and Twitter. This email newsletter that you’re reading has allowed us to communicate with way more supporters, volunteers and donors than ever before. Matt is a terrific connector and his ability to connect goes far beyond newsletters and social media. Oftentimes, a young professional who we’ve never met before will pop into with a bag of beautiful clothing or an envelope of cash or a box of food or a bunch of Christmas gift bags and when we ask how they found out about us, they often say, “Matt McQuade was at a networking event I was at and he was talking about his experience as a board member with you guys. So, I did a little food drive at my office/invited my colleagues to donate money/picked up clothing from all my relatives’ porches and this is the result.” Sometimes, it’s new volunteers who come our way because Matt has a way of convincing his fellow millennials that giving back to the community is an important part of being a working professional here in Guelph. His creativity and enthusiasm, combined with his dedication to what happens here at CCSC, has allowed for numerous innovative ways for us to do our work better, more efficiently and more broadly connected to the wider community.

If you are a connector like Matt, perhaps you would like to join our Communications Committee. Contact Sarah for more information: volunteer@chalmerscentre.ca or 519-822-8778.

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