Volunteer Spotlight – Hillary Schlaht

Hillary Schlaht is a member of our board of directors. If you’re Hillary, you do a lot of wonderful things, beyond her regular board-type obligations. You manage all the social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, by making a monthly social media plan and keeping all CCSC’s followers super informed. Hillary has ramped up our social media game so wonderfully and professionally that we now have 604 followers on twitter and over 300 followers on Facebook. That’s a pretty big deal, considering that only a couple of years ago, we had fewer than 100 “friends” on Facebook and, ahem, not a lot of traffic through our twitter account. Now, we frequently meet new donors, partners and volunteers as a result of their seeing a tweet or facebook post that was of interest. #amazing

If you’re Hillary, you also contribute your wealth of communicationing knowledge to the Communications Committee. That means our website is lookin’ good, our package for our Annual General Meeting is lookin’ good, our message out to the community also is lookin’ good. Hillary keeps us lookin’ good, is what she does.

If you’re Hillary, you contribute, hardcore, to the Community Giving Committee, where you call to connect with the broader community and see what kind of food you can get for CCSC direct from farmers. For example, since January of this year, we have been picking up eggs from a young egg farmer in Elora, thanks to Hillary’s efforts: Stickney Farm.

If you’re Hillary, you’re a high-class connector, who is unafraid to creatively find ways to improve how we do things here at CCSC. Hillary is one of those people who can get a lot of things done, she’s super organized and she does all the things with all kinds of enthusiasm and humour. 
If you are a connector, like Hillary, consider volunteering with us. Email Sarah for more information on how to get involved: volunteer@chalmerscentre.ca.

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