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We have over 90 volunteers who do all the things here at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC). That’s really a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder if that’s right. Like, NINETY? Sheesh. But, yes. Ninety.

What’s neat is that a lot of those people are related to each other. Some folks, they start volunteering together from the start. There’s husband and wife team Ed and Susan Janzen, for instance, who’ve been grocery shopping for us on a monthly basis for forever. Recently, they’ve roped in their son Charles to do some of the heavy lifting, as well. There are Ann and Sandy Middleton, also husband and wife, who schlep groceries for us on a monthly basis and pick up apples from the market on Saturday mornings. Peter Gill you’ll see greeting guests on Friday mornings and just a few steps away, his wife, Jill, is working behind the sewing machine, mending and talking to guests at the same time. Arty Miller and Wally Keip, another husband and wife team, pick up and deliver canned goods and bread every Tuesday morning before they head out for their coffee at the café down the street. The Mathieus had donated to our Christmas gift bag campaign for years before Joan started volunteering and then, well, Jackson, her husband, got roped in, too, to do some of our various pick-ups around town. Jim and Helen McQueen, also a husband and wife team, can be depended on to sub in when volunteers are away. 

 There are other families who see one family member having such a terrific time volunteering that they can’t help but join in. For instance, Leona Darling has been volunteering at our registration desk for years. Her daughter, Tracy, used to visit her mom on the occasional Friday morning which seems to have led to Tracy, too, volunteering, without fail, on a weekly basis on the food line. There’s also Rick McRonald, who has been a dependable and long-time Wednesday night volunteer for all the Wednesdays for a long time. Now, his wife, Jane, is volunteering by his side on Wednesday nights just in the last few months. Merrill Pierce began volunteering at our Monday morning café and shortly after that, her husband Steve joined our Board of Directors and Personnel Committee. Kurt Merilees has one of our most unique volunteer jobs of cutting cabbage at our West location. When he wasn’t feeling well enough to come out to cut cabbage on a regular basis anymore, he convinced his daughter-in-law, Julie, to fill in. This summer, Board member Randy Brant recommended to his daughter, Meghan, who was home from university, to volunteer with us. Pauline Ziejlstra’s great grandson Tyler helped to set up the food pantry in the portable on a  weekly basis this summer, too. Joanna Wegman, our West registration volunteer, has, over the years, dragged all of her beautiful children, and her husband Jeff, as well, into the Chalmers family. When we were moving into our new Chalmers Downtown location, those beautiful children were, ahem, invited to wake up early during summer vacation in order to move heavy stuff and they did it without a single complaint, even. Caroline Prochazka has been coming to our Christmas gift bag dress rehearsal, with her sons, for the last four years. They’ve been sorting Christmas gift bags for so long now that they just jump right in, without any instruction at all.

If you are interested in giving your time to the community with one of your family members, consider CCSC. We might be able to accommodate your whole family, even! Contact Sarah for more information: volunteer@chalmerscentre.ca.

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