At Chalmers Community Services Centre we welcome anyone in need of food, no questions asked. Are you:

  • between jobs?
  • waiting for compensation?
  • employed, but not making enough?

You are welcome here. We believe that everyone deserves healthy food, regardless of their circumstances. CCSC is here for you no matter what your situation. No questions, no judgement.

Guests can make use of our Food Pantry, choose items from our Clothing and Household Goods selection, and visit our weekly Cafés. See What We Offer and How it Works to learn more about these programs.

One of our guests, Pam, shares her experience at CCSC:

“Each person is offered respect and dignity and acceptance when they walk through the door at CCSC. The volunteers and space are very welcoming. It is like coming to an open house at someone’s home. I have been to other places and it’s just not the same. There is comradery. I have a peaceful and relaxed feeling. We can take clothing and items for free. There is no waiting, no cost, and everything is in one place.”

Thank you to our sponsors:

United Way City of Guelph Guelph Community Foundation Donate a Car Guelph United Ministries Flow Office Wisdom United Church of Canada Foundation