“Respect and Dignity for All”

“Respect & Dignity for All” – It’s our motto, our mission and our guiding star. It dictates how and why we do what we do. Our first priority has, and always will be, to create a safe and welcoming space for all. We work hard to ensure that Chalmers is a place where guests, staff and volunteers of all races, religions, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities can gather in peace.

But it is no longer enough to simply be inclusive. The world is calling for more; and we are ready to answer that call. We are ready to take the next steps. To be proactive instead of reactive. To move beyond welcoming and towards inviting. 

The recent awakening in our world has caused us to pause and reflect. As race bubbles to the forefront of the conversation, we are listening and we are learning. We recognize that we are not perfect; that our organization has been subvertly influenced by the systemic powers of racism, white privilege and bias. 

As we move forward, we commit to listening and hearing the stories of the oppressed. We commit to asking questions, to never stop exploring how we can improve our services and organizational structure to better serve our community’s most vulnerable. And finally, we commit to continuing to dig to discover our own biases, and as they come to light, we commit to taking action against them.

We pledge to do our part to address the structural issues of discrimination and injustice that have hindered our society for far too long. We hope you will join us in allyship and advocacy.


The Chalmers Board of Directors

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  1. I am proud of our motto and I commend the staff and the Board of Directors for asking questions and listening and hearing how we can improve our services and structures to better serve the most vulnerable in Guelph.

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