A Successful Partnership with the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

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The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute at the University of Guelph works to partner students and professors with folks like us in the community to ask; how we can the expertise within academia to support and enhance the work that we are doing? How can community organizations like Chalmers support and enhance the learning that university students are doing?

This year, we had the opportunity to connect with three different professors and, wow— so many terrific students! An applied human geography class came to us for a tour, then created research projects about a number of different food-related topics, including food deserts and food waste.

We had a food security class from the Family Relations and Applied Nutrition program also come for a tour. They then came to volunteer over the winter and presented their experiences to their class.

For the students, it’s a concrete way for them to see how what they’re learning in the classroom is applied in the community, day-to-day. For us here at CCSC, having a class of young people getting to know us a little bit and to understand how we do things is such a benefit to us, as it helps us to build relationships in the broader community and get the word out about what we do.

We also had an opportunity to work with two Masters of Applied Human Nutrition students this year. They put together a mini literature review for us around the importance of being able to offer culturally appropriate foods and they are putting together a more comprehensive review that should be completed by September. Additionally, they put together a pictorial survey for us to use with our Chalmers West guests, many of whom are new Canadians, to determine what foods they would like to be able to access from our food pantry. We’re hoping to use all that work to apply for grant money to potentially offer different kinds of food that would be deemed more culturally appropriate for our guests.

So, kind of neat, how partnership can work together like this. We’re very much looking forward to partnering with CESI in September, once again.

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