Food Pantry

How it Works

We at Chalmers Community Services Centre have put a lot of thought into our programs so that everyone can get the best that we can offer. Please take a look at the information below so that you understand what to expect when you visit CCSC. Remember that if you need special consideration for food choices, or you need a clothing or household item that isn’t out on display, you can always talk to one of our volunteers.

What to Expect

  • You will register a name and address the first visit, no proof necessary
  • We will never ask for proof or source of income; we serve everyone
  • Every other week: You can visit our Food Pantry
  • Every Week: Join us for coffee and snacks
  • Every Week: You can visit our clothing and household goods area

What to bring

  • Your own bags for receiving food and clothing or household items
  • If you are receiving food for a child, bring id with birth date on the first visit

What you can receive

  • Every other week, food from the Food Pantry including things like carrots, apples, cheese, pasta and other healthy options – click here to see a list of what you’ll receive
  • Up to 4 items from the Clothing and Household Goods area
  • Coffee, juice and snacks to enjoy during your visit

“One young woman shared with us that she is from a family of 7 children with a single mother as the head of the household. She and some of her siblings are attending university and the family budget is stretched very thin. Prior to assessing our pantries, food supply was often insufficient. Since receiving food from CCSC, this young woman reports that she is better able to focus on studies as she is not worried about whether the family will have enough to eat. She also reported that having fresh produce, eggs, and milk, had a direct impact on her ability to concentrate and found her studies much easier now that her body was being nourished.”
   – Volunteer testimonial