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Back in April 2017, CCSC welcomed three new board members we are excited to tell you about.  

Meet Aerin Smith our new Treasurer.  She moved to Guelph in 2005 and is married to Jamie. She has a wealth of experience in bookkeeping and accounting and CCSC is really excited to have her on our board.  She recently worked at RLB LLP, a public accounting firm her in Guelph supervising the bookkeeping department.   A year ago she went out on her own and is now celebrating the one year anniversary of her bookkeeping business.

Doing more volunteering was one of her goals when she started her business.  She wanted more time and more flexibility for volunteer work. CCSC appealed to her specifically because of the organization’s values and approach to serving our guests – no means testing, no judgment, simply offering help and support to anyone who walks through the door.


We are happy to welcome Stephen Pierce who has a wealth of experience in the health and social services field.  Steve obtained his Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.  He is now retired.  Lucky CCSC!  He has held managerial positions and worked in the areas of developing policy and planning documents and providing clinical services. In the past, he has been a member of other volunteer non-profit Boards.  

Over the years, he has had contact with Chalmers by being involved with his church’s interests and activities with the program and services.  He joined the Board hoping his past work experience, as well as Board experience, would benefit Chalmers and ultimately the guests who are served. Steve has agreed to take be the new Personnel Committee chair taking over from the always dedicated and competent John Buttars.

We are excited to welcome Debbie Stanley to the CCSC Board.  

For the last fifteen years, Debbie has found motivation and passion in the financial industry.

In 2015 Debbie obtained her MTI (Trust and Estate Professional) designation followed by her CEA (Certified Executor Advisor) in 2016.  In 2017, Debbie has opened a new chapter by launching her own business which specializes in Estate Planning, Power of Attorney for Property Support, and Executor Support Services.  Debbie has managed many large and small estates as well as hundreds of Family Trusts.

 Being an “adopted” Guelphite, it was very important to Debbie to get involved in the community that she now calls home.  Chalmers Community Services stood out to Debbie because she believes that everyone deserves to a safe place in their community where they will be treated with dignity and respect while receiving the help that they need most.  It was important to her that her personal values and where she volunteered lined up. Currently, Debbie is on the newly formed Procurement Committee and is looking to help out with future events.

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