Everyone Has A Talent!

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“Everyone has a talent! You just need to keep on with living until you find it.”  

Fern has always been such a positive person when she stops by Chalmers for a visit that her remark was no surprise.  Still, it has taken some time before it became known to us the extent of her creative talent in freehand drawings. And still more time before Fern brought in her portfolio – actually her third portfolio with 29 drawings.  Guelph is discovering Fern’s talent more and more. The August / September issue of the “Canadian Stories” magazine contains several examples of Fern’s work, one of which is reproduced below. In addition her work is being displayed in local eateries such as Breezy Corners and Williams.  Her work is also on display at Guelph Artisans in Old Quebec Street Mall and from time to time at the Guelph Library. FERN’S DRAWINGS WILL BE ON DISPLAY AT THE GUELPH PUBLIC LIBRARY – MAIN LIBRARY FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, 2018.

Fern’s story begins in Toronto where she grew up in the North York area and attended local schools.  Her Grade 9 art class ignited her love of art – a love that has never diminished but needed encouragement.  Her early working life in accounting, dental nursing and administrative support were interrupted by illness that in time brought Fern to Guelph.  Here in downtown Guelph, Fern has found support and encouragement for her artistic abilities. Her face lights up as she speaks of Dr. Lit, Catherine and her social connections through the programs run by the Canadian Mental Health Association at 80 Waterloo Ave. In addition, the Art Group led by local artist Barb Cohen has helped Fern develop and deepen her own talent.  Now, Fern’s blossoming spirit is leading her to explore graphic reproduction and varying paper stock so that Fern can make her art accessible to people at a reasonable cost.

Congratulations Fern! You are right! We all have talent.  We just need to keep on living until we find that special talent that brings joy to us and the world around us!  

Many thanks Fern, for your art and the inspiration!


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