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In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we are making a few changes to our services to keep both our guests and volunteers safe.

We ask that you please consider our community’s most vulnerable during these unpredictable times. For many, visiting Chalmers to receive food is an absolute necessity. At this time, we are asking for financial donations only to reduce the amount of traffic to our locations and potential contamination. Please consider donating through the ‘Donate Now‘ button in the top right corner of this page.


At Chalmers Community Services Centre, our goal is to provide nutritious emergency food, as well as clothing and household items to people in our community who are in need. We welcome everyone who comes through our door, and we serve our guests with respect and dignity.

Our programs would not be possible without donations, big and small, which come from people in our wider community. In 2018 we gratefully received donations of 44, 953 pounds of food from individuals, organizations, businesses, CSA farms, church gardens, and condo buildings. Financial donations and grants go towards general expenses, including $95 000 spent annually on food for guests. Any donations marked for the microfinancing program are deposited directly into a separate account for that program.


Your financial donations go a long way; even small donations make a difference to our organization.  Consider making an annual or monthly donation (through or PAR through the United Church of Canada), or donate in honour or in memory of a loved one. To donate with cash or cheque in person, contact us to set up a time to come to Chalmers Downtown or Chalmers West. You can also donate online through CanadaHelps using the button in the top right of this page.

Food and Other Items

We are very grateful for donations of healthy food (fresh and non-perishable), used clothing and household items in good condition, diapers and personal hygiene items. We also welcome donations of coffee, juice, purchased snacks, paper cups and serviettes for our Morning Café program. See below for a list of items that we regularly need, and check our Facebook or Twitter for our urgent requests.

To donate in person, please contact us to arrange a time to drop off your donation. You are also welcome to support a specific program.

Before donating, please read our Donations Requests and Clothing Donation Policy.

Guidelines regarding Best Before Dates and Expiry Dates

CCSC will offer products after their Best Before Date, but not after their Expiry Date.

  • Best Before Dates refer to when a product is at its best; this food may be consumed after the date printed on the package.
  • Expiry Dates appear most often on meal replacement products, supplements and human milk replacements (ie. baby formula). Products should not be consumed after their Expiry Date, as the product may no longer be providing them with the nutrients they need.

Donate a Car

Another alternative is to donate your old car through Donate a Car Canada. Donate a Car Canada will pick up your old car and either sell it for scrap or auction it off and direct the proceeds to the CCSC. You will get a tax receipt for the full amount.

Thank you to our sponsors:

United Way City of Guelph Guelph Community Foundation Donate a Car Guelph United Ministries Flow Office Wisdom United Church of Canada Foundation