Christmas Gift Bags Campaign – It’s Time!

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The Christmas season will soon be upon us and the Christmas Gift Bag Campaign is getting underway. Last year, many of our supporters donated Christmas Gift Bags to CCSC in lieu of store bought gifts for friends and family members. Now, that’s a neat idea!

Every adult who receives service at CCSC receives a Gift Bag and each year we hear from CCSC guests how grateful they are to receive this gift. For many, it is the only gift they receive.

We ask for new, good quality items in their original packages. No need for the items to be gift wrapped. Christmas Gift Bags can be delivered in new, reusable shopping bags. The following is a list of items included in each Gift Bag:

One pair of warm gloves
One pair of thick socks
Regular size shampoo (not conditioner)
Toothpaste and/or dental floss
Shaving cream for men/box of tampons or pads for women
Shower gel, body wash, or soap
Package of 5-10 disposable razors
Boxed candy or boxed chocolate (not homemade)
Small jar of instant coffee, box of tea bags, or tin/box of hot chocolate

This year’s final delivery date is Friday December 9th.

If you are interested in participating in the 2016 Christmas Gift Bag Campaign, please contact Sarah Dermer, Program & Volunteer Coordinator at or (519) 822-8778.

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  • Comment by Robert Markie -
    December 11, 2016 @ 1:26 pm

    We count on our bags every year to help us out and I am worried we completely missed it 🙁 Is there a couple still available if so could i pick it up. I couldn’t find it anywhere on line when we were supposed to come in and get them. Please help. Thanks

    • Comment by Diana Sterenberg -
      July 23, 2017 @ 11:03 pm

      Hi Robert:

      For some reason, I just received your message. I am very sorry that you missed the Christmas Gift Bags last year. They will be distributed in 2017 the first 2 Wednesdays, 2 Thursdays, and 2 Fridays before Christmas. We also make them available after Christmas. Please ask the registration person when you drop by in November for the exact dates. Diana

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