Chalmers Feeds the Soul

Posted September 10, 2019 by

“Chalmers feeds the soul as well as the body” is a quote from one of our supporters when talking about the service that Chalmers provides. Several years ago when CCSC conducted a guest survey to find out what we could do better or more, the #1 response we received was “more social time”. Out of […]

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Volunteer Spotlight – Families

Posted September 5, 2019 by

We have over 90 volunteers who do all the things here at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC). That’s really a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder if that’s right. Like, NINETY? Sheesh. But, yes. Ninety. What’s neat is that a lot of those people are related to each other. Some folks, they start volunteering together […]

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Volunteer Spotlight – Pauline Zeijlstra

Posted August 8, 2019 by

If you have been to our Chalmers West location, you have probably met Pauline, as she has been volunteering in the portable at 577 Willow Road for over 10 years. We’re not sure what time she arrives on a Thursday morning, but it’s probably dark and you were probably still sleeping. She portions skim milk […]

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Meet Barb Anderson: Donor Management Clerk Extraordinaire

Posted August 8, 2019 by

Since arriving in Guelph in 2001, I have been aware of the vital work that Chalmers Community Services has been doing, initially out of Chalmers United Church, then on Baker Street and now in the new surroundings on Macdonell. And as a donor, I have always been impressed with how welcoming and friendly all of […]

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A Note from Peter Gill

Posted July 4, 2019 by

In April 2017 my term as board chair of Chalmers Community Services Centre came to an end. During that term the organization had seen some major changes – the “Serving Families” initiative which meant that we were including all family members in our food program, the purchase of our downtown location and the start of […]

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Volunteering at Chalmers

Posted July 2, 2019 by

Have you been thinking about volunteering at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC), but aren’t really sure if it’s, well, for you? Do you think it’s too time consuming to volunteer here? Or that we don’t need you? Or that you don’t have the skills we’re seeking?  The thing is, there are all kinds of ways […]

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Steve’s Story

Posted May 17, 2019 by

On any given day at Chalmers Community Centre, you are likely to meet Steve coming through our door with a broad smile and a hello for anyone within earshot; often accompanied by his young son Nick. What follows is a small part of Steve’s story as he told it to me. Six years ago Steve […]

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What’s in a Chalmers basket?

Posted March 11, 2019 by

CCSC’s own Peter Gill recently sat down with Sophia Podrozny to find out more about the origins of Chalmers good food program. Sophia, a registered dietitian who now works with the family health team, was the architect of the program. Peter: How did you first get involved with Chalmers? Sophia: It was the fall of 2006 […]

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