Agenda AGM April 9, 2017

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9 April 2017, RLB, LLP Guelph, 197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard #103, Guelph, ON, 2 pm

  1. Welcome by the CCSC Board Chair Peter
  2.  Introductions and Opening Prayer
  3. Report from the Directors
  4. Minutes of 10 April 2016
  5. Financial Statements for 2016 Ron
  6. Audited Financial Statement, December 31, 2016
  7. Analysis of Food and Cash Donations Diana
  8. New Budget: January to December 2017 Ron
  9. Naming of auditor for 2017
  10. Volunteer and Program Activity Sarah
  11. Motions from the Board Peter
  12. New Business – 41 Macdonell Peter
  13. Closing Remarks…Check out
  14. Adjournment

The first meeting of the 2017‐2018 CCSC Board will follow this annual meeting.
Members of the Board who have served in the past year: Peter Gill (chair), Sue Couillard (vice‐chair), Ron Baker (Secretary/Treasurer), Roberta Porter, William Higgins, Kelli Arppe, Ross Cressman, John Buttars, Heather Allan, Matt McQuade, David Bocking.
Members whose terms are ending: Peter Gill (3rd year of 2st 3 year term), Sue Couillard (3rd year of 2st 3 year term), Bill Higgins (3rd year of 2nd term), Ron Baker (2nd year of 1st 3 year term)
Officers for 2017 to be confirmed by the Board: Heather Allan, Chair (2nd year of 2nd 3 year term),
David Bocking Vice‐chair (3rd year of 1st 3 year term), Aerin Milley, Secretary/Treasurer (1std year of 1st 3 year term), Debbie Stanley, Director (1st year of 1st 3 year term)

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