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Many people have asked me about my continued involvement with CCSC now that I have stepped down as chair of the board. Well, as they say, I’m not going anywhere for now.

In 2016 the board and a few volunteers attended a facilitated all-day meeting where we identified three strategic directions for the years 2017-2019.

They were:

  1. Secure the organization’s long-term financial stability
  2. Increase awareness of the organization through strong and engaging communications
  3. Operations: Plan and processes for ongoing operational stability

Part of the third priority was to review ongoing staffing needs. We identified 2019 as the year when CCSC would want to hire an Executive Director if finances permitted. In the meantime, I have agreed to serve as Volunteer Executive Director on a part-time basis for at least the next year.

So what is the role of an ED? Having spoken to a number of ED’s in not-for-profit agencies, they all said that the Executive Director is essentially the ‘face’ of the organization in the community.

So I will be doing my best to communicate and celebrate the vision and mission of CCSC and to create greater awareness and support of our work in the community. I think the visibility of our new downtown location will definitely help.

In addition, helping the board to implement those three all-important strategic directions will be critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of CCSC.

I will be preparing a full job description for the board to approve and trust that this paves the way for a professional Executive Director in the next couple of years.

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  • Comment by Rhondda -
    October 10, 2017 @ 1:26 pm

    Great news for the organization. Thanks for your ongoing commitment.

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